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For years, gamers have enjoyed mobile games for several reasons, with their accessibility and variety standing out as important features. In an age where many of us have smart phones and have the devices on our person, the convenient fun that mobile games offer is unparalleled. One common issue that gamers have taken with mobile offerings, however, is that platforms that offer several in one place can be hard to come by. Instead, gamers would need to make several downloads, taking up space on our phones and charging users by the individual game. Playedge seeks to rectify this problem, offering a wide variety of games without the hassle of needing to purchase them one by one.

What Is Playedge?

Playedge is a game store that offers gamers access to all selections within the platform’s premium library at an affordable membership price. New games are added to the library daily, giving gamers the opportunity to try a variety of offerings to find ones that they gravitate to, and the platform currently has over 5,000 games for subscribers to choose from. These include a diverse range of categories such as Arcade, Action, Adventure, Board, Card, Casino, Educational, and games suitable for young children. No longer will gamers need to search far and wide for titles that appeal to their need for variety- with Playedge thousands of games are available in one convenient location.

What Does Playedge Offer Gamers?

Playedge offers a lot to gamers, with its one of its most touted strengths being its immense library. Nothing is worse to a gamer than running through their entire library and being left with nothing left to play, and Playedge helps subscribers avoid this by ensuring that its robust selection stays stocked with great games. The platform is dedicated to offering variety to its subscribers and is home to thousands of games put together by some of the best mobile game developers out there. The expansive library features fan favorites such as Deal or No Deal and a long list of new games that are consistently added to the benefit of subscribers. Playedge is always paying attention to the feedback that it receives from its side of the mobile gaming community and takes this knowledge into account when evaluating what offerings would make a good fit on the platform.

In addition to the depth of its gaming library, Playedge offers gamers the ability to earn coins that can be redeemed for real prizes. To earn coins, players can visit the platform daily for their Daily Spin. Gamers can also complete daily tasks and try their luck at the Mega Reward Spin for even larger payouts.  Redeeming coins on the platform is just as easy as earning them and can be done once a player reaches 1000 Reward Points. From there, simply tap the “Redeem” button located in the “My Rewards” section of the app. Players can check their coin balance at the upper right corner of Playedge Games’ home page or through the main menu. Simply open Playedge Games, tap the menu, and tap on coins. Remember that to win prizes you must be a legal US resident that is at least 13 or older to be eligible for prizes. Eligible players that are minors will need their parent or guardian’s permission as well to be win prizes and participate in tournaments through Playedge.

What Do Gamers Have to Say About the Platform?

Playedge knows that gamers enjoy variety, convenience, and quality when it comes to their games and works to ensure that all three can be found on the platform. As a result, subscribers typically speak to how these qualities lead to a great user experience.

One aspect of Playedge that gamers consistently mention is the way in which prize redemption has been integrated into the service. While most of us do not game just because we want tangible prizes, the community argues that the ability to redeem coins adds a new layer to gameplay. In the landscape of the pandemic where many of us are staying at home to stay safe and playing more videogames as a result, having our occasional gaming sessions translate to gift cards is great for giving us something to do.

Gamers also commonly mention the sheer variety of games that are offered through the platform and how these diverse offerings lead to them trying new mobile games as a result. We all become hip to the mobile game of the month but find that, after the excitement fades, we end up back on the lookout for another game to take its place. In some cases, this can mean that mobile game enthusiasts are paying for new games each time- which can get pricey rather quickly. Gamers tend to enjoy that Playedge has all its offerings conveniently located in one location as it gives them more time to devote to gaming and less to finding new games to play.

Not only is Playedge popular amongst mobile gamers, but parents as well. The platform offers its full library to subscribers at a small membership price, which parents feel is more cost effective than purchasing mobile games one by one. This is particularly the case with younger children who can find hundreds of educational and children’s games to provide age appropriate entertainment.

Be sure to revisit for more information about the platform and its commitment to providing the best possible gaming experience for its subscribers. Future posts will include how Playedge takes feedback from users to improve, how current events have impacted the popularity of mobile gaming, and some well-known and lesser-known benefits of playing videogames in one’s downtime.