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Playphone Reviews Why the Popularity of Mobile Games is Increasing

Mobile games have, for years, remained an immensely popular way for individuals to spend a few of their spare moments. After all, we are consistently in possession of our phones and mobile games stand out as both a convenient and accessible form of entertainment. When Playphone reviews the mobile gaming sector, they find that the popularity of mobile games has increased quite a bit over the past few months. Here, Playphone reviews a couple of reasons for this boom in mobile game popularity.

One reason for the increase in mobile game popularity during the COVID-19 health crisis is the fact that people are spending much more time at home. Because citizens have been spending less time out and about to limit transmission of the virus, they have been seeing increases in screen time usage as a result. During the beginning of the pandemic, children’s screen time surged by as much as 60% in some cases with up to a 75% increase in game app usage. While some parents have expressed apprehension with their younger children spending more time playing videogames, when Playphone reviews videogame playtime and academic performance, they find nothing that supports the idea that this trend has impacted their ability to excel in their studies. Playphone acknowledges that games that have educational relevance or stimulate our minds via puzzles can do wonders for keeping our minds sharp, however, and include such offerings in their extensive library.

Another reason that mobile games’ popularity is steadily increasing is because gamers are looking for connection with family, friends, and their peers that can be fostered through videogames. When Playphone reviews what gamers look for in videogames they find that one of the most common reasons for playing is to spend time with others. After all, many of us have a bit more time on our hands with social distancing underway for the winter, and mobile games offer a simple way to bond and share in entertainment. Playphone also acknowledges that mobile games give players the opportunity to connect with new friends as well, and videogames can help with social skills, problem solving skills, and teamwork, all of which help gamers maintain their ability to keep positive connections with others.

Playphone consistently reviews consumer trends and finds that, in the current landscape, certain pastimes have seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic. What these pastimes usually have in common is that they are accessible to pick up, and mobile games are no exception to this rule. A subscription to Playphone gives gamers access to thousands of premium mobile games that can be played instantaneously, and gamers do not need to download games that they are interested in one-by-one.