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Occasionally, a game explodes onto the mobile gaming scene and is met with great success. While it may take a bit of luck for a game to achieve popularity that eclipses its competition, it is far from the only factor in determining if a game will be successful. Designing a game that will get mobile gamers excited involves a delicate balance of features that contribute to the overall feel of a game. Here, PlayEdge includes a short list of what gamers believe makes a great mobile game.

Great Gameplay

Games are for playing, and it is no surprise that one of the most sought-after aspects of a successful mobile game is that it is fun and engaging to play. Great gameplay is largely what separates the best mobile game offerings from ones that prove less popular. When PlayEdge polls mobile game enthusiasts to better understand what they desire in gameplay, one of the most mentioned features is how the game feels. Controls are important for a game designed to be played on a phone and putting the extra time into making sure that it runs smoothly, and the gameplay truly draws a player in will always help. Some of the most successful mobile games contain gameplay that is unique, but accessible enough that they instantly feel familiar to the gamer.


When you look at successful mobile games over the years, many of them are remarkably simple in terms of game design. There are many reasons why simplicity is key when it comes to successful mobile games. For example, mobile gamers usually do not spend more than a few minutes at once playing a game. This means that the game only has a small amount of time to draw them in with engaging gameplay- and this is easier to do if it is simple to grasp. Developers should be sure to balance simplicity within their gameplay, however. You want your game to be accessible and repetitive in an addictive way, but you do not want gamers to feel as though there is no skill involved. Making a game that is simple but rewards a player for getting better is a huge step in creating an incredible mobile game experience.

Attention to Design

Graphics are an important part of the overall experience of a game. When PlayEdge creates polls to ensure it is up to speed on what gamers want, it is found that graphics are not the only crucial factor to a game’s design. After all, not every successful mobile game has great graphics. The design and aesthetic of a game is just as important as its graphics when it comes to crafting a successful mobile game. A memorable art style and gameplay that is unique to your game are both great ways to set it apart from competition in the mobile gaming space. In the best mobile games, all the aspects of a game’s design complement each other. When the graphics, gameplay, story, and sound design all build upon one another in a meaningful way, a game is already steps ahead of its competitors.

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